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Wake atoll - Wikipédia.
Climat tropical avec typhon occasionnel. Wake est un atoll composé de trois îles Wake, Wilkes et Peale disposées autour d'un' lagon. Sa dénomination comme île est une décision des États-Unis après la Seconde Guerre mondiale pour distinguer Wake des autres atolls japonais.
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While the modern usage of the verb wake is become" or stay alert, a wake for the dead harks back to the vigil, watch" or guard" of earlier times. It is a misconception that people at a wake are waiting in case the deceased should wake" up.
WAKE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
See more results. Wake, wake up or awaken? Wake and wake up are verbs which mean stop sleeping or end someone elses sleep. They are used in everyday language. wake up and smell the coffee. wake sb up. wake up to sth.

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